easi-joist studs solve wide wall problems!

Both specifiers and building contractors are making increasing use of easi-joist, the engineered metal web timber joists offered by Wolf Systems’ manufacturers, for a wide variety of applications throughout the building structure.

Originally developed to facilitate the installation of services through the floor zone, Wolf Systems’ easi-joist can now to be found in place of solid timber studs in the walls of timber frame systems. In a recent scheme, Wolf Systems licensed manufacturer, Fforest Timber Engineering of Swansea used the easi-joist studs for a dormitory building at Moor Park Lane School in Ludlow.

The use of easi-joist studs in timber frame panels benefits the specifier and contractor in different ways. Firstly, panels manufactured with easi-joist studs achieve wall widths not possible with standard, commercially-sourced solid timber. Aligned to this is the fact that greater wall depth allows increased levels of insulation to be included within the wall panels. In addition, the open web structure of easi-joist also allows the insulation to be more easily incorporated within the wall panel and routing of services such as cables and pipe work is also far easier.

Another important consideration is that easi-joist studs have greater dimensional stability than solid timber resulting in panels being less affected by shrinkage and moisture content. Panels using easi-joist studs also use less timber than those manufactured using solid timber so reducing material costs and panel weight.

Over the past 7 years, many Wolf Systems manufacturers have seen the benefits that easi-joist can bring to their businesses and have helped develop the product for use in different applications from floor cassettes to rafters for pitched roof and joists for flat roofs.

Karl Foster, Sales and Marketing Director for Wolf Systems comments, “We have seen demand for easi-joist increase year-on-year even in these difficult times for the construction industry. Developing new products and using them in a way which is not only innovative, but also adds value to the scheme is a challenge which both Wolf Systems and our manufacturers clearly enjoy meeting.”

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