Flexibility the economic driver for easi-joist offering

Wolf Systems’ customers partners are discovering that the timber engineering innovator’s metal webbed joist offering is helping many of them ride out the recession and actually win new customers; thanks mainly to the flexibility of the product.

Wolf’s easi-joist system initially built its reputation for speed, accuracy and reliability through being specified for floor construction within new build residential properties. However, development of the system by Wolf – coupled with growing demand from construction consultants and contractors for well designed off-site solutions – has seen the engineered timber beams utilised for floors, roofs, walls and even whole-frame solutions.

There is a natural synergy for roof truss manufacturers in moving to make easi-joist metal web joists, with very similar production techniques and CAD technology being employed. The joists themselves offer designers and developers a more accessible floor zone for the routing of services and MVHR, as well as excellent load-carrying and spanning characteristics. Project demands are also often leading to easi-joists being made up into cassettes or panels to offer greater off-site construction benefits.

Referring to market conditions, Wolf Systems’ Sales and Marketing Director, Karl Foster, comments, “Despite difficult trading conditions continuing due to the slow nature of recovery in the housing sector, we have seen year-on-year growth in the volume of easi-joist components being supplied. Almost all of our major customers have now become manufacturers of easi-joist metal web joists, and the addition to their portfolio is helping to attract new customers.”

A £1 million investment made at Wolf’s Coventry headquarters has seen capacity increase and production costs cut, while the patented design and strength of the easi-joist components means easi-joist manufacturers require fewer webs per floor compared to alternative systems and are able to offer a more competitive solution for their customer.

Industry analysts predict future growth in the construction product supply sector will concentrate on prefabrication – meaning good news for producers of easi-joists as they offer multi-dimensional flexibility for use in many different approaches to Modern Methods of Construction.

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