easi at any angle! Wolf Systems, stand TW05, Ecobuild, Excel, London, 1 - 3 March 2011

Wolf Systems will be exhibiting at this year’s Ecobuild featuring the company’s easi-joist metal-web product. Originally developed to facilitate the installation of services through the floor zone, Wolf Systems’ easi-joist is now to be found employed in place of solid timber studs in the walls to timber frame systems; as well as for both flat and pitched roofing construction.

Both specifiers and building contractors are making increasing use of the engineered timber joists offered by Wolf Systems’ manufacturers for a wide variety of applications throughout the building structure.

Such are the spanning and load-bearing benefits of the highly engineered easi-joists – underpinned by the flexible Wolf design software – that they can be incorporated into a selection of situations at any angle between the horizontal and vertical. In turn, imposed live or dead loads are supported and optimum performance from minimum material usage is ensured. The easi-joist beam, stud or rafter member also allows the building designer to accommodate increased levels of insulation into the project with ease.

Karl Foster of Wolf Systems comments: “As a metal web beam, easi-joist not only provides ample open area within its overall depth for the routing of pipes, cables and even ductwork, but the installer is also provided with a wide flange area. This simplifies the fixing of sheet flooring panels or roof decking and sarking; with the finished assembly offering an extremely solid feel.”

Individual beams are now regularly assembled into panel or cassette modules, furthering the offsite potential of easi-joists, while offering a close fit with industry priorities for sustainable, defect-free approaches to construction.

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