Smartroof working safely at height

Reduced risk for construction workers is proving to be an important subsidiary benefit of specifying the smartroof system of prefabricated, pre-insulated roofing panels, produced in collaboration between timber engineering specialist, Wolf Systems and Wyckham Blackwell, a manufacturer of trussed rafters and other timber elements.

While volume housebuilders and the social housing sector have bought into the practical cost savings and enhanced living space offered by the room-in-the-roof system, it has also made working at height even safer.

Critically, smartroof presents designers and installers with a plot-specific kit of parts which include pre-manufactured spandrel panels in place of masonry built gable ends which are always vulnerable to wind load and lateral impacts until the roof is complete. The main roof sections then span from gable to gable rather than from eaves to ridge, without the use of heavy purlins, and can incorporate infill panels to fit round rooflights.

Not only do all the units incorporate built-in lifting points, they arrive from Wyckham Blackwell’s plant already pre-slung, so that operatives have no need to climb onto the lorry.

Once the floor cassettes for the loft living space are in place, they offer a safe working platform for the rest of the operation as the longitudinal roof panels are located over a key on the upper side of the gable ends. The roof units themselves also feature a mechanical interlock to enhance rigidity. The solid pitches created by smartroof then offer an ideal base structure for the following tradesmen installing the battens and final covering of slates or tiles.

Quickly and safely erected on site, Wolf Systems’ smartroof is the off-site answer to simplifying the build process whilst satisfying the aims of the CDM regulations, as well as the Health and Safety Executive’s guidelines.

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