Wolf is the first in the UK with fully-integrated automated robot packing cell

Wolf Systems is always keen to maintain market advantage by investing and keeping pace with today’s modern manufacturing technology. To this end, Wolf Systems has spent in excess of £130K on a specialised, fully-integrated automated robot packing cell; the first in the UK for packing metal-web products. “Wall-E” (as it’s been nicknamed by Wolf employees) has been developed in conjunction with a local automation company. It runs continuously even when the operator exchanges a fully-packed pallet for an empty one.

Increased demand for the company’s easi-joist metalweb products prompted the company to make the investment, which has realised increased production capacity and improved manufacturing efficiencies. David Leaney, Managing Director of Wolf Systems was also keen to take the opportunity to improve working conditions for the employees on the production line. Collating of the webs and packing them onto pallets had previously been done by hand and, whilst this had proved satisfactory, it was clear the process could be improved and health and safety risks for the operators further minimised.

“We’re very pleased with the results” said David. “Our employees no longer have to handle the webs; either individually or when they’re now banded together. Feedback from customers has also been very positive. They’ve noted the improvements to the packed quality of webs and also appreciate the easier handling of the webs.”

The fully-automated packing cell is loaded via a conveyor fed directly from a press that manufactures the metal-webs. A pick-and-place system collates the parts by loading them on to a vertical indexing station. This station collects the webs in batches of 20 and presents them to a multi-jointed robot which is fitted with a bespoke designed gripper unit. The robot then picks the 20 collated webs and presents them to an automatic strapping machine which bands the pack together with two polypropylene straps.

The robot then places the banded webs onto a pallet in pre-programmed positions; this continues until the pallet is full. Once full, the pallet access doors automatically unlock allowing the full pallet to be removed by the operator and an empty replacement to be loaded. The cell does not stop at any time and the operator’s safety is never compromised.

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