Enterprise makes life easy for timber engineering industry

Today, the need for accurate, up-to-date information in all industries is paramount. Manufacturers and suppliers need to respond in days, or even hours, to their customers’ requirements; and they need to have this information at their fingertips.

Recognising the need for speed and efficiency, Wolf Systems has launched a new software package called Enterprise – a management system with an unprecedented degree of functionality - specifically for manufacturers of trussed rafter and metal-web joists.

Although developed from WMS, Wolf’s existing management software package, the new product is very different.

Wolf Systems has developed a series of management systems over the past 23 years - first WolfBase, then WolfPro, WolfTrack and, of course, WMS - while at the same time producing structural design packages for roofs, floors and walls.

Enterprise continues this evolution and takes management software to a new level. All of the stages that are crucial to a business are replicated within the system, from the initial enquiry stage, through to quoting for a scheme and the associated price and product negotiations. Orders can be created and call-offs planned allowing production and deliveries to be scheduled and invoices created.

Useful for the estimator and designer alike, it is also of real importance for the management of the business. The data logging in Enterprise is so comprehensive that any aspect of business-critical information can be reported upon; for example, the number and level of quotes in process, their status and when they need to be followed up and by whom. It’s information such as it is that is most useful to manufacturers as it is this that helps them become more efficient and, ultimately, more successful.

Existing WMS users provided Wolf with feedback on areas such as flexibility and the ability to make last-minute changes. For trussed rafter manufacturers, the ability to make eleventh-hour adjustments is invaluable as it is common to find that a customer order does not match what they’ve quoted. For example, a roof or floor design prepared and accepted by the customer is logged into the management system and scheduled for production and delivery. But very often when the building is measured to confirm the sizes, usually just before manufacture, a small change can occur necessitating a redesign of the whole job. Previously, this could have taken some time but with the improvements now made to Enterprise, a manufacturer can make any change at any stage.

It also helps that Wolf uses the software internally; by adopting the “own brand” software, the company really drives the development process forward.

Another aspect of the WMS software is the improvement in the speed of producing quotations. Customers work to much tighter timescales than in the past while at the same time receiving more enquiries as contractors shop around for the best price.

The improvements to the speed and efficiency of the package have been delivered by “caching” a lot of the information a user would regularly need. Despite improvements to network structures, the process of passing information to and from a central server can be a time-consuming one, so storing this information locally allows the user the best of both worlds - a networked management application running at desktop speeds.

Enterprise also offers far more flexibility in the scheduling of production and deliveries.


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