Strength gained by 50%

The unique edge detail of Wolf Systems’ new Field Splice Plate delivers 50% more strength than conventional nail plates, offering truss manufacturers significant material cost savings and the ability to produce truss configurations not achievable with existing products.

Hailed as the first major advance in nail plate design since the concept was developed in the 1960s, the new FSPX Splice Plate is the result of substantial investment in design, machine tooling and testing by the company.

The key to the product’s high strength is a rolled and folded edge which doubles the effective thickness of the steel pressing from 1.25 to 2.5 mm.

This feature, which is unique to Wolf Systems, positions the bulk of the metal where most of the load is concentrated, dramatically increasing the plate’s rigidity and resistance to bending forces.

The FSPX is offered in three sizes – 140mm, 170mm and 185mm depth – to suit 172mm, 197mm and 222mm deep rafters. The increase in strength means that, unlike manufacturers using rival systems, Wolf manufacturers can now use smaller plate sizes and make cost savings while manufacturing larger, more efficient truss designs.

Another benefit of the new design is that its splice rate reduces the risk of tension failure, again without any extra cost to the user.

Karl Foster of Wolf Systems says: “The revolutionary design of the new FSPX with its rolled and folded edge ensures that maximum performance is obtained in the area of the plate where it is required most but without increasing material cost over the whole area. “The FSPX will help Wolf manufacturers grow their market share, particularly for attic trusses which are becoming increasingly popular as housebuilders look to offer purchasers more habitable space” adds Karl.

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