The future of timber frame is on the horizon

With the Government’s chief construction advisor, Paul Morrell, demanding the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) on all public sector projects within five years, design engineers will be pleased to hear that Wolf Systems has just what they need.

Wolf’s new Horizon software is the UK’s first timber frame detailing tool built on Autodesk’s leading Revit Structure platform. It allows 3D modelling of construction projects making it a prime component of collaborative BIM in building design.

Horizon brings Building Information Modelling (BIM) to the fingertips of timber frame designers equipping them with specialised tools to enable the delivery of high quality 3D model-based information from concept through to construction.

The passage of building information between the principal players in building design is facilitated through Revit’s powerful collaborative interface. Built on Revit technology, Horizon ensures timber frame designers can construct complete projects in a single environment.

“Being object-based, Horizon enables timber engineers to render their designs using intelligent 3D objects to represent real physical building components such as wall panels, doors and roof trusses” explains Karl Foster, sales and marketing director with Wolf Systems.

In addition, the system’s database records and integrates information about design and construction at every stage in the building programme from concept, through construction, to completion. BIM allows complete integration of the building design process by creating a single model upon which all detailed designs are superimposed. Hence, incompatibilities and potential clashes between building elements can be automatically detected at the earliest opportunity.

Modifications to the design of individual components are automatically integrated into the building model and the consequences of any changes are immediately apparent. The real-time database ensures that all designers on the project are always working from the most up-to-date version of the building model.

As an Autodesk developer, Wolf Systems develops applications for Autodesk software systems. Horizon is the result of almost two years of research and development and was developed as a specialist application for Revit 2012, the latest generation of BIM.

“Horizon is the first timber frame detailing software to be built on the Revit 2012 structure” says Karl. “It’s generally accepted that Revit is the future for building design and we believe that Horizon represents the way ahead for the timber frame industry” he adds.

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