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In today’s housebuilding and construction market, with narrowing margins and ever-shorter lead times, developers need to know they can rely on quick and reliable service from their suppliers.

When it comes to timber engineering, few companies can offer the level of service boasted by Wolf Systems Ltd.

This is because all of Wolf’s products – which range from nailplates for trussed rafters, easi-joist metal-webs for its metal-web joist systems through to its structural design and management software are developed, manufactured and supported in the UK.

“While the Wolf Systems group is active in all types of construction across Europe, in the UK, we are concentrating on developing and supporting new products for our particular market so our products are tailored to our customers’ specific needs, both technically and in terms of delivery and service”, explains Karl Foster, sales and marketing director of Wolf Systems.

Wolf Systems’ easi-joist metal-web joist is the perfect example of such an innovation in the UK. Developed eight years ago, this product took the concept and tailored it to meet the needs of UK manufacturers. “Extensive development and testing took place over this time and now easi-joist has the best performance of any metal-web system on the market today”, says Karl.

Wolf Systems’ software products are also entirely homegrown. “All our design and management software is developed by our programming and development team here in Coventry” says Karl. “This means we can respond far more quickly than our competitors to tailor our software packages to meet the needs of the UK and Irish markets. Customer feedback plays an important role in R&D through the company’s Software Focus Groups. Our software is designed for UK users in partnership with UK users”, he says.

“For customers in today’s difficult market conditions, responsiveness is key”, says Karl. "And this means being able to deliver quickly and at short notice. The market’s changed a lot in the past couple of years. Our manufacturers are having to work to much shorter lead times than they would have before in order to convert an enquiry to an order. It’s important that we can respond to this and provide the level of service the market now demands."

“We can only do this because our whole operation is UK-based and geared up to serve this specific market” he says.

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