Wolf Systems launches super-quiet floor detail

Wolf Systems, manufacturer of the popular easi-joist metal-web system, has joined forces with insulation specialist, Thermal Economics, to develop a low-cost method of constructing Part E-compliant suspended timber floors.

The design, which incorporates a layer of Thermal Economics’ high performance Isorubber TF insulating material, is being developed as an alternative to Robust Detail E-FT3 for structural timber separating floors using metal-web joists. The proposed Robust Detail promises not just to be more economical than the existing one but will also offer significantly better performance in reducing sound transfer between dwellings.

Robust Detail E-FT3 is a design which is accepted as meeting the noise reduction requirements of Part E of the Building Regulations in timber framed buildings. Robust Details were introduced with the last revision of Part E to allow designers and builders to meet these stringent noise requirements without the need for every floor to be tested post-completion.

The new Wolf Systems/Thermal Economics design uses a 6mm layer of Isorubber to separate the OSB decking layer from the plasterboard intermediate layer. This thin sheet of Isorubber replaces the 75 mm x 45 mm softwood timber battens which feature in E-FT3.

“This not only produces a shallower floor structure, but also saves a great deal of time in construction”, says Wolf Systems’ Sales and Marketing Director, Karl Foster.

“To install the battens, you first have to cut them to length then place them in rows along the floor and fill in the gaps between them with strips of insulating material. It’s very labour intensive and slow.

“With Isorubber, you simply lay the material on top of the floor sub deck, followed by the plasterboard and finally your finished floor boarding. It’s much quicker and much easier”, says Karl.

As well as being extensively tested in a laboratory, the IsoWolf system has already been successfully installed and tested on 24 plots across three different sites. All have significantly exceeded the requirements of Part E and shown improvement in sound reduction in comparison with the existing E-FT3 detail. This performance advantage enables specifiers using this detail to qualify for additional Code for Sustainable Homes credits. Wolf Systems is seeking one more site on which to test the system in order to achieve full Robust Detail approval.

If you have a development which could benefit from trialling the new easi-joist/Isorubber floor detail, or would like any further information, please call 02476 602303.

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