Enterprise software – why it’s great to integrate

Easier engineering is core to the Wolf Systems’ approach; as a business it never fails to recognise the importance of providing tools to its customers that help to effectively run their businesses.  Enterprise software, a fully integrated and modular solution combining Wolf’s renowned design capabilities with complete management software, embodies the brand’s ‘engineering ease’ philosophy.  And the key factor in this case? Integration.

“Central to Enterprise’s success is the integration of all business activity through management software,” says Karl. “Wolf previously supplied separate management software tools that were task specific. While communication was possible across the different applications, the lack of integration meant it was difficult to obtain a clear picture of business activity and performance.


Enterprise Software

“By integrating the design and management functions that are essential for truss, joist and wall panel suppliers, Enterprise is a game changer. The ability to seamlessly pass information between applications dramatically improves workflow, so that previously time consuming activities, such as eleventh hour design modifications can be handled with ease.”


Integral intelligence

By integrating the complete design and management of projects from enquiry to invoice, Enterprise gives customers newfound visibility, ease of access to information and the flexibility to conduct business in ways that suit individual requirements and meet core objectives.

“The beauty of Enterprise is that it brings a real sense of clarity: the clear, user definable interface ensures the right information is visible at all times. All customer and project details are organised in one place, so that all data and intelligence is easily accessible whenever it’s needed. Customer relationship and analysis data are within easy reach through CRM tools; and importantly, management reports, fully customised to carry a customer’s corporate identity if required, can be drawn off at any stage of a project’s process through the system.”


 Enterprise infographic

Enterprise integrates the complete management of projects, from enquiry to design, order to invoice. Third party accounting links are possible.


Making life easier for everyone
“We’ve taken great pains to ensure that Enterprise is flexible, can be customised to suit and can be easily used by everyone within an organisation, at all levels,” continues Karl, “from administration, through to sales, production and management.”
And the benefits of such cross-departmental versatility?  “It’s designed to save time on key tasks, boost efficiency, streamline workflow and at management level, enable greater focus on the wider picture – core business objectives, such as CRM and sales development.”


 Integrated Software

Configurable workflow enables the effective management of business processes and tasks.

Export project data to spreadsheet data for further analysis if necessary.


Enterprise Task Specific Functionality

  • Log enquiries
  • Integrated design
  • Powerful costing tools
  • Set automated customer cost files
  • Quickly re-cost using pre-defined cost files
  • Quote output
  • Order processing
  • Call-off scheduling
  • Invoicing via third party accounting software


  • Enterprise planner
  • Create appointments
  • Work Log
  • Create tasks and reminders
  • Add document attachments to the project filing cabinet to keep all electronic paperwork in a single location


Technically Advanced

According to Robert Harris, Systems Manager at Wolf, Enterprise has been developed as a sustainable, ‘future-proof’ solution. “Built on the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework, Enterprise comes with industry-leading support for Windows operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

“ 'Out of the box’ Firebird Databasing provides free, high performance and reliable relational data storage, while MS SQL support provides a scalable solution, ideal for larger companies,” he explains.

Using Web Services and custom plug-in modules, Enterprise can integrate with other packages; a  real plus when it comes to meeting specific business requirements. “Its ability to link to external software, such as Sage Line 50 using real-time links, makes Enterprise incredibly user-friendly. In addition, custom modules can be added to integrate with specific customer needs, so you can effectively shape Enterprise to suit and make it work for you, the way you want it to. The forward-facing technology it’s built upon means it has the capacity to develop in line with your changing business requirements,” says Robert.

“The development of Enterprise has been very much led by the requirements of its users,” concurs Karl.  “Customer feedback is very important to us, and in response to user requests we have recently added WolfTrack to the software, which provides an improved level of functionality to manage factory workflow. WolfTrack’s visibility and flexibility in updating job status is a great asset to the effective running of manufacturing and delivery processes.”

Like all Wolf software, Enterprise is a home-grown innovation.  “It’s been written here in the UK in direct response to customers’ needs and developed specifically to address UK and Irish users’ requirements,” Karl continues.

Wolf offers free, organisation-wide Enterprise Management training to help all users get the most from the software from day one, and is always receptive to suggestions for enhancements to the system.  “We want users to experience optimum operational efficiency through Enterprise, so we encourage feedback and welcome any ideas for software development and moving the solution forward. We know the system inside out and our technical support people are always on hand to help, should any issue arise.

“After all, we’re big on integration,” Karl concludes. “For every customer, we’re an extension of the workforce.”


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