New web press doubles manufacturing capacity


Increased demand for easi-joist® has prompted Wolf Systems to expand its production capabilities with the purchase of an additional Rhodes web press which will be fully commissioned by the end of July.

“With our existing web press working overtime to meet the increased demand from our customers, it was becoming increasingly apparent we needed to invest in additional production capacity," says David Leaney Managing Director.

“Our customers will always be our priority, so we view this expansion as not just an investment in new machinery but as a commitment to our customers’ ongoing success. The new press and robotised packing cell will provide us with double the easi-joist® production capacity, ensuring that we’re right behind our customers, enabling them to meet their own service requirements.”

The new 200 tonne, coil-fed web press which is an updated version of Wolf’s existing easi-joist® web press will be working alongside its older brother at its Coventry headquarters and is expected to be fully commissioned and operational by the end of the month.

The addition of the new manufacturing cell has also led to further expansion of Wolf’s operation in Coventry. A new building will also provide additional loading and manufacturing space and link the existing easi-joist and nailplate production factories. Designed and manufactured by sister company, Wolf Systembau in Austria, the building and newly installed automated box line will bring total investment at the site this year to nearly one million pounds.

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