Widening the 'net - easi-joist® website launching in Europe

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Following the year-on-year success of easi-joist® throughout the UK and Ireland, Wolf Systems is making its world-class open web joist system available to a European audience, with the launch of a dedicated easi-joist® website later this month.


Aimed at architects, builders and homeowners, the site provides important information about the features and benefits of metalweb joists compared with traditional methods of construction. Technical information about the product and its suitability for floor, wall and roof applications is linked to relevant standards for individual countries and there’s also a directory of local easi-joist® manufacturers for interested trades and professions to contact.


Since metalweb joists are a relatively new product in some countries of mainland Europe, there is an area within the website detailing how prospective manufacturers can get started with the design and manufacture of easi-joist® and also develop this market for local needs and requirements.


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Wolf Systems’ Sales and Marketing Director, Karl Foster, believes that it will provide an excellent mechanism for driving sales across Europe, whilst also benefitting Wolf customers closer to home.


“The site is initially available in English, French and German languages and concentrates solely on the benefits of easi-joist® for targeted audiences,” says Karl. “We expect it to generate interest and sales from the outset across Europe and see it as an invaluable resource UK-wide and in Ireland.


“The website marks the first of our marketing initiatives for easi-joist® across Europe and we’ve already planned further activities to build on the success of the brand we’ve experienced here in the UK and Ireland.”

Watch this space for updates on progress over the coming months.