easi-joist® is on the Horizon!

At its recent customer conference, Wolf Systems took the opportunity to showcase the all new easi-joist® software integration that will revolutionise the way that Horizon customers design easi-joists®.


Horizon Big Image Main Image

According to Paul Flounders, Customer  Support Manager, following the release of Horizon 2016, customers will be able to fully frame and engineer easi-joists® without having to leave the Revit® environment.


“Linking Horizon with our easi-joist® software will make for a seamless design experience,” he says. “Importantly, this will change the way that our Horizon users approach design. In keeping with BIM methodology – and of particular interest to those wishing to undertake large scale public sector projects from next year - everything will be contained within one model space, aiding clash detection and reducing the need to repeat design functions in a number of software packages.”


73 additional updates

While easi-joist® integration made headline news at the conference, Wolf’s commitment to software development holds strong.

“In total, we’ve made 73 further improvements in this upgrade and we’re confident that Horizon 2016 more than fulfils our customers’ emerging functionality needs,” concludes Paul. “The phrase ‘continual improvement’ always applies!”


Hoizon 3

Key updates in Horizon 2016 include: 

  • Link to Enterprise Management software
  • Links to Additional Timber Frame Machinery and framing lines
  • Enhancements to Batchcut Timber Optimisation software
  • New Sub Assembly output options
  • Integration of easi-joist® engineering


To find out more, please contact paul.flounders@wolfsystem.co.uk