New loading bay – the excitement is building!

Following the installation of an additional Rhodes press to double easi-joist® production capacity at its Coventry headquarters this Summer, Wolf’s investment in the success of its customers continues with the construction of a new loading bay which will bridge the gap between two existing factory units and enable greater manufacturing efficiency.

Factory Header

Scheduled for construction in November and designed and manufactured by sister company, Wolf Systembau in Austria, the new building will share a similar design style to the existing units on the site to seamlessly combine form and function.


Managing Director, David Leaney explained that the planning process had thrown up some interesting challenges for the design team and even more challenges for the construction crew as it was necessary to sink 15 metre deep piles for the building on what was an old clay pit. Although built in the middle of an industrial estate the area is strangely classified as a green field site. 


“The new building will provide additional storage space, much needed since the installation of the new easi-joist® press and robotised packing cell and also serves as an undercover loading bay, greatly assisting in efficiency improvements for the production cycles of nailplates and easi-joists®. With the new building spanning between two of the existing units, it’s also enabled the transport of finished product to be rerouted through the factories rather than around them, making the whole production process more streamlined.


 “Taking care of our customers will always be our driver; we’re committed to supporting their success.  Our £1m investment in our site this year secures their futures as much as our own – beyond building bridges, we’re cementing customer relationships.”