Feature-rich Fusion – the future of roof design

Since our last easi-news article announcing the development of Fusion – Wolf System’s next-generation roof and floor design software – progress has continued at an astonishing rate. As the momentum continues, the excitement only builds. In fact the sense of anticipation was almost palpable following a live demonstration by Systems Manager, Robert Harris at our customer conference in Palma last month.

Fusion 1

“Judging by their terrific response it seems our customers are every bit as excited about Fusion as we are,” says Robert. “With advanced features such as full parametric design, auto roof plane resolution and the integration of easi-joist® from the outset, Fusion will change the playing field – for both our customers and the industry.”


Impressive capabilities


As development progresses, it is becoming increasingly evident that Fusion will change how roof design is approached. Mirroring the industry-wide step-change that 3D modelling has facilitated, Fusion will revolutionise the whole design process, enabling speed and accuracy for both quotations and final site issue.

Links to Enterprise, Wolf’s management software, will give customers the edge through the combination of speed of design with management efficiency.


Fusion 3

From its initial release, Fusion will not only bring with it next-generation roof design capability, but full integration with easi-joist® design software. “Just as we have integrated easi-joist® with WolfWin for many years now, we appreciate that this cannot be overlooked for now or considered a feature that can be added at a later date,” Robert explains. “It’s an integral part of many of our customers’ core business, so we’ve devoted significant development time to this and will continue to do so.”


While the release of Fusion is still a little way off, customers can be assured that the ongoing development of Wolf Systems’ current software, WolfWin is still high on the company’s agenda. According to Robert, “Parametric functionality of roofs and floors, that is the ability to make changes to existing designs, will be available in our next release, so rest assured, we’re not taking our foot off the gas.”


Fusion’s key features


Or for more details please contact karl.foster@wolfsystem.co.uk  or any member of the Customer Support team for details of WolfWin and Enterprise software.