WolfWin V5.45 stretches parametric design functionality forwards

“With over 50 new and improved features, WolfWin V5.45, one of our most eagerly anticipated software releases, is now being rolled out across our customer network,” says Wolf Systems Sales and Marketing Director Karl Foster. “We’ve raised the bar when it comes to parametric design capability by including what will be core to our next-generation roof and floor design software, Fusion, within this latest WolfWin update. Customers stand to benefit right now.

“For designers, one of the biggest frustrations is job changes between quote and order. Even on straightforward designs these can be time consuming,” he explains.

“Parametric design is our most requested feature.  Such has been the response to the parametric capabilities that Fusion will offer when it is released next year, that we have ‘reverse engineered’ some of its functionality into WolfWin v5.45.”


Benefits at-a-glance

  • Parametric design works for walls, roofscapes, floor and roof framing files.
  • All changes are made from the walls menu and connected items are automatically adjusted.
  • easi-joist® features more enhanced parametric capabilities, including automatic redesign.
  • Ancillary item updates are also included, such as noggins and strongbacks.

Roof designs easily changed.


Para Roof1 500 Para Roof 2 500

Floor designs easily changed.


Para Floor 1 500 Para Floor 2A 500


Reducing clicks, saving valuable design time


“In testing this WolfWin release, we found that we could save users over 80% of mouse clicks. For example, the roofscape above can now be updated following simple dimension changes in just a few clicks, whereas previously it would have taken around 30,” says Karl. “We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible software experiences and the time saving benefits of parametric functionality are so significant that we wanted to make them available as quickly as possible.”


Making the engineering easier

Download the WolfWin v5.45 Technical Update notes here

Or for more information, please contact karl.foster@wolfsystem.co.uk or any member of the Customer Support team.