Horizon helps LoCaL Homes collaborate

Timber frame manufacturer, LoCaL Homes is part of the Accord Group, one of the Midlands’ largest not-for-profit housing organisations, providing over 13,000 homes and a range of services to over 80,000 people.

LoCaL Homes produces high quality timber panels, including a fully complete wall system, providing a sustainable, low carbon alternative to traditional brick-built structures.


The challenge:  Migrating from AutoCAD to Revit® and the need for greater internal collaboration

Since 2011 LoCaL Homes had been using a software package, based on Autodesk’s AutoCAD for the design of open and closed timber frame panels, with an automated timber frame assembly line reading output files from the design software to automate the positioning and nailing of the timber members.


When The Accord Group’s architectural department, InDesign, changed from using AutoCAD to Revit® in early 2015, Wolf Systems’ Horizon software proved to be the BIM-ready tool that could achieve its objectives. 



The solution: Wolf Systems’ BIM-ready Horizon

LoCaL Homes’ Head of Manufacturing, Jason Powell was impressed by Horizon’s credentials from the off. “Horizon ‘ticked the right boxes’, offering both the BIM functionality we needed, greater collaboration through the BIM methodology and a foreseeable return upon investment,” he says.


Removing frustration, driving time and costs savings

“Horizon removes the frustration of having to re-draw a building that the architects have already spent time creating. Instead, we can add the timber frame wall, easi-joist® and roof trusses directly into the same architectural model we receive, which means the margin for error will be eliminated and importantly, we can generate factory output in less than half the time we used to.”


Better collaboration and communication

The Accord Group’s in-house architect team, InDesign also benefits from the introduction of Horizon. Kevin Paddock, Production Manager at InDesign, adds, “The Accord Group was keen to improve the information it passed on to its construction and facilities management departments. By using Horizon, an ‘as built’ Revit® model can now be shared, providing detailed information about the timber frame structure.”



Excellent customer support

 “I was particularly keen to use a UK-based company to ensure ease of access for any customer service issues,” explains Jason, “and am already impressed with how responsive and attentive Wolf Systems are.

“They have developed the software to meet our particular needs very quickly.  The swift addition of closed panel factory reports and output files for our timber frame assembly line re-assured me that changing to Wolf Systems and their Horizon timber frame software was the right decision.”

 Wayne Methven, Wolf Systems’ Assistant Customer Support Manager, says, “Horizon has introduced a level of collaboration at the Accord Group that previously wasn’t possible, enabling their departments to work more closely than ever before, removing the need for duplication and therefore reducing potential errors.

“It has also helped to speed up LoCaL Homes’ external timber frame designs, where they create their own building models from scratch.”

To discover more about Horizon software, please email wayne.methven@wolfsystem.co.uk

For more about LoCaL Homes, visit www.localhomes.co.uk