Enterprise v2.4 ‘homes in’ on simplification

Development of Enterprise, Wolf Systems’ integrated design and business management software, continues at a fast pace. In response to customer demands, Enterprise v 2.4, our latest release helps simplify key day-to-day tasks and processes.

Major improvements include:


Home page updates

The Enterprise 2.4 home page is more flexible, customisable and supports the integration of widgets – small, integrated apps – to help manage the vast amount of customer information databased.

New Call Off Map


For enhanced delivery planning, the ‘Call Off Map’ feature maximises efficiency by enabling users to see the delivery schedule for any given day and route-map accordingly. A grid layout is also available.

Project Overview Project Overview Example

‘Project Overview,’ a feature introduced in v2.3 to help users keep track of enquiries, quotes and orders in one simple view, has also been included in the new home page.


New ‘House Sets’ feature

Handling large and repetitive site work is easier with our ‘House Sets’ feature, enabling users to choose from a list of pre-defined house types when generating quotes, improving efficiency and saving time.

Whilst removing the need to duplicate work, the feature improves the visibility and accessibility of previously designed house types.  It also enables the costs of a house type to be accessed at any given time, without having to search for a quotation in the system.

Users will also be able to generate a full quote for a site, including handling information for treated and untreated house types. This is particularly useful for schemes that incorporate both private and social housing.


Have your say in v3’s development

Wolf Systems’ user group meetings provide the ideal platform for you to provide feedback on the software you use daily and influence future software development.

Enterprise users will soon be invited to join us in Coventry where we will be discussing changes that could dramatically improve the Enterprise user experience, in what we are already dubbing Enterprise ‘Version 3’.

We’ll be sending out invitations for the meeting to our customers in the next few weeks, so if you’re interested in helping to shape the software you’ll be using in the future please check your inbox for details of the event.

To find out more about Enterprise v2.4 please contact paul.flounders@wolfsystem.co.uk