Wolf’s first Laser Guided Truss Table Press in UK installed at Wyckham Blackwell


Last month Solihull based Wyckham Blackwell took delivery of a new Wolf Systems table press – the first of its type to be installed in the UK. Manufactured by Wolf Systems in Austria, known for its 200 Tonne monster beam presses, this more modest 40 tonnes model has proved popular across Europe with over 45 installations to date.

“The installed press is 24M long, although sizes are available to suit customer requirements.  Wyckham Blackwell opted for the 4.5m wide version and different widths from 3.65M are available,” says Graham Sweet, Wolf Systems Business Development Manager.

“The benefit of variable lengths is that numerous pressing areas can be set up to match output requirements. In this case, the installed table currently features two pressing areas, though this can be modified should the customer’s needs change.

“This new press has two distinct advantages over existing types of table press,” explains Graham. “The first is that the press offers automatic pressing. The press reads truss output files directly from our design software, so the press head knows where to press and also how much pressure to use depending upon the size of the nailplate, ensuring that they are perfectly embedded each time, without crushing the timber.

“The other unique feature is that the press is equipped with a laser system permanently mounted on the press carriage itself. The laser system really helps reduce set up times as it projects the image of the truss onto the table and then switches mode to project the size and position of the nailplates onto each joint making the production process much more accurate. In tests we undertook at Wyckham Blackwell we found the laser system helped reduce truss set times by as much as 50% in comparison with their existing table press.”

Feature-rich for optimal performance

Img 0901
  • Press-mounted, the laser is always stable and at optimal height
  • Pressing force can be modified for individual joints to ensure the plate is fully embedded in the timber
  • Pressing force settings are retained for truss pressing routines
  • The pressing order of joints can be modified manually to suit truss type, timber size or joint location
  • Inbuilt powered lifters aid moving the trusses once pressed
  • Flexibility is enabled through a teach function whereby operatives manually set the routine and pressing options for jobs that require individual joints such as splices
  • Numerous safety features include 4 safety laser scanners that activate an emergency stop if the vertical or horizontal fields are broken. This prevents the press from operating if an obstruction is present
  • Meets both UK and European safety requirements

Customisable for each customer

“Since we write the software that drives the press, we can quickly and efficiently implement updates to suit customer preferences,” says Graham. “This level of customer support, together with the build quality of the press and its productivity benefits were what led Wyckham Blackwell to choose our table press over others available on the market.”


See the new Wolf Systems table press in action:

For more information, please contact graham.sweet@wolfsystem.co.uk