easi-joist® gets the X-factor!

Product development has always been one of Wolf Systems' fortes, so it's no surprise that the latest version of easi-joist®, already the strongest metal web system available on the market, should now offer eXtreme performance capabilities!

Bearing the X suffix - WS250X, with the WS200X and WS300X to follow in phase two of the development - the new metal webs feature a unique barbed tooth pattern on the perimeter of the nailplate zone. A deeper profile within the 'strut' of the web increases overall stiffness further.

350 Modified Ws250e

As a result of these design enhancements, easi-joists® deliver significant performance benefits, as David Leaney, Wolf Systems Managing Director, who was instrumental in product development explains:

“Wolf Systems is committed to the continuous improvement of its products. While we have always been pleased with the superb results that our easi-joist® webs deliver for our customers, as market conditions continue to improve and interest in the benefits of metalweb joists grows, we wanted to ensure that easi-joist® retains its pole position.

 “The prototyping phase was quite involved. We experimented with five different iterations of the new profile before deciding on the final one and profiles of each of the new webs had to be laser cut by a local specialist supplier before final forming by hand. It was only then that product testing could begin, using our own test rig at our Coventry HQ.

“External accreditation testing at TRADA was conducted earlier this year and we're delighted to confirm that their results underline our own findings.”


350 Laser Cut Ws250 Blank

Officially eXtra strong

“Tension capacity has increased by 20% and compression by 25% - quite an improvement on an already industry-leading product,” David continues. “Customers who attended our conference in Mallorca last year will have known that improvements to easi-joist® were underway, but it's only now that we can formally confirm its performance credentials.”


Ready to eXperience

WS250X metal webs may be ordered now and Wolf has already included the improved design values into its latest design software, so customers may take advantage of the new web design immediately. The WS200X and WS300X will be rolled out next year and with existing profiles still readily available, there are easi-joists® to match all customer needs.


Make the engineering easier

To find out more, please contact karl.foster@wolfsystem.co.uk


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