Horizon eclipses AutoCAD® and wins new business

When some years ago, Wolf Systems developed and launched Horizon, the first timber frame software based on Autodesk® Revit®, we knew we were ahead of the curve. Today, as the influence of Revit® continues to grow amongst construction specialists, those involved in timber engineering are recognising its potential and Horizon adoption continues with gusto.

Sydenhams Timber Engineering

"Initially some thought we’d embarked a little early with Revit®," admits Karl Foster, Wolf Systems Sales and Marketing Director, "but we knew we were onto something special and that this would absolutely be the right platform to work with, for us and our customers. Over recent years we have made significant investment in developing the package and today, customers old and new are realising its benefits."

Sydenhams Timber Engineering

One new customer is Sydenhams Timber Engineering, a truss metal web joist and timber engineering manufacturer based on the Isle of Wight. "With 10 designers using Horizon, Sydenhams is in fact our largest Horizon account," says Karl, "and based on the strengths of Horizon and its experience working with us, Sydenhams has decided to convert all of its truss and metalweb joists work over to Wolf too."

Sydenham’s Managing Director, Dean Orchard, explains why Horizon outshone the AutoCAD®-based package that its design team had been using.

"In recent years, timber frame has become the most important part of our timber engineering business. As a company, we are renowned for designing and manufacturing some of the largest timber frame projects in the UK.

"Naturally I’m keen for us to use the latest technology available, not only to drive efficiencies through the business, but to provide our designers with the best tools available," he says.

"We’ve known Wolf Systems for some time - in fact, several years ago we were supplied by them. The move to Horizon was always going to be a major project and while it has involved a few more grey hairs, the guys from Wolf have been great - really patient and completely dedicated to the conversion.

Man At Desk

"We are starting to see the real benefits of the move and now, based on the Revit® platform, the schemes we are creating already are just so much more impressive."

Please contact wayne.methven@wolfsystem.co.uk to find out more about Horizon software.

Discover more about Sydenhams Timber Engineering at www.sydenhams.co.uk

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