Revving up for a turbo-charged 2017!

Dscf1540 Review


"Despite the impact of post-Brexit uncertainty within construction, I’m pleased to report that 2017 has begun pretty much as 2016 closed for Wolf Systems - at full throttle!

"Last year saw us, once again, significantly exceed sales and production figures for nailplates and easi-joist® webs, while easi-joist® stole the show with sales up 13% on the previous year.

"In fact, with a 100% increase in easi-joist® sales over the past five years, we’re confident it's the fastest-growing metalweb system in the UK. 

“Similarly, nailplates revealed double-digit growth in 2016 as existing customers increased their volumes and new customers coming on board fuelled uptake further.

Gk3g6522 Review

"A few months in and 2017 looks equally promising. After recharging the batteries over Christmas, the team returned to work to more orders than ever before and factories firing on all cylinders to keep up with demand. Credit and thanks must go to all staff, particularly those within production, warehousing and dispatch who put in a huge effort last year and continue to go the extra mile to keep our customers satisfied.


"Thanks also to those customers who helped trial the new WS250X metal web. Without direct customer feedback we wouldn’t have been able to specify the tooling modifications required for certain types of joist press

350 Modified Ws250e

"With increased tension capacity and compression, the WS250X promises significant performance benefits, giving Wolf System manufacturers a competitive advantage.

"We expect revised tooling to be in place soon and full production is scheduled to resume in Q2. In the meantime of course the existing WS250 will be available for customers who wish to continue using it.

Plans are afoot to further develop our nailplate factory this year, driving greater efficiencies and enabling us to speed up the production process. We’re also continuing our investment plan, with the creation of new office space for our ever-growing team of developers and support staff and further meeting room and training course facilities.

"2017 will see us bigger, better, more service-focussed than ever...  ready to really push the pedal to the metal!"