Quick March for what you'd like to see in Enterprise V3

Building on the specifications set out in its last meeting, Wolf Systems’ Enterprise User Group will be getting together again on 23rd March. Paul Flounders, Customer Support Manager outlines progress since the last meeting and describes what users can expect to be unveiled in just a few days' time.

"We had a terrific response from our customers at our last User Group. Perhaps it was because we gave them the perfect opportunity to be involved right at the start or it may simply be that many customers recognise how important Enterprise is to their daily business. The feedback we received both on the day and of course afterwards has given the development team plenty of food for thought.

"Our initial objective was to discuss our ideas for the development of the software in a few key areas but as it turned out, the development team returned with so many new ideas, it’s no exaggeration to describe this new version as the 'next generation'."

New Look Home Screen for Easier Navigation

Home Screen

"A complete overhaul of the user interface has taken place, which doesn’t just make it look more modern. Crucially, it's far more intuitive, faster to use and easier to navigate.

"Many users also wanted the ability to have much more 'live' information available to them. Managers and company owners wanted access to real-time feedback on business-critical information without having to interrogate the database for management reports. So a completely customisable home screen has now been built, displaying the information that's needed, to the people that need it.

"Under the hood, we've also changed the structure of the software making data retrieval much faster than before. The software’s also now more streamlined - again, in response to customers' requests.


 The New Job Editor Screen - Combining Design and Costing Functionality

"We've also added in a significant amount of new functionality, from quoting through to production planning and scheduling. The entire method of producing a quote has been simplified with the design and costing information now available on one screen.

New Factory

Fully Integrated Scheduling for Multiple Product Types and Resources

"Additionally, a fully integrated scheduling application has been included allowing

customers complete flexibility for planning production and deliveries across product types such as trusses and easi-joist© or across different resources such as machinery or transport options.

"We're sure that customers will be pleased with the progress that's been made, but we're also leaving time available for discussion on future deliverables as V4 is bound to be on someone's radar! All customers that wanted to engage with V3 development have confirmed their attendance on 23rd March and whilst the meeting will focus on original Enterprise User Group members' priorities, we are of course always open to input and ideas from other customers." If you’d like to find out more about Wolf Systems' User Groups and in particular Enterprise V3, please contact Paul Flounders: paul.flounders@wolfsystem.co.uk