easi-joist® Attic Trusses strike a ‘chord’ with house builders

In response to customer requests, Wolf constantly updates its software portfolio to ensure its products incorporate important features that can help our customers be more successful.

With this latest software release, trussed rafter designers can now easily design attic trusses with easi-joist® members, providing significant improvements in truss performance.

While this will often be just the bottom chord, enabling a larger span and providing a clear space within the bottom chords to install services and insulation, the new software enables truss designers to construct the entire truss using easi-joist®.

So truss designers can now incorporate all of the advantages of the strongest metal web joist system available, in roof truss design. For large roof structures, the easi-joist® provides an incredibly economical, strong and flexible solution.


Design attic trusses with a larger clear span

  • easi-joist® utilised for the bottom chord - as with an easi-joist® flooring system, the additional strength enables a larger clear span.
  • The strong easi-joist® metal web can reduce timber volume, so reducing material cost. 
  • Services installation is easier and the clear space can accommodate the required insulation so providing a usable loft space. 

easijoist attic


easijoist attic2


Improving usable loft space and raising tie heights

With modern energy efficient building design, the depth of insulation required often renders the loft space unusable. A simple design innovation overcomes this problem. See below:


easijoist truss


As well as creating a usable loft space, with an easi-joist® ceiling-tie the easi-joist® can also be used to strengthen raised-tie trusses and help increase raised-tie heights..


The new version of WolfWin enables you to utilise easi-joist® in any suitable top or bottom chord of a truss, facilitating the path for routing of services and creating a void for insulated rafter or ceiling-tie members.


easi raised tie


“Previously, accommodating a large depth of loft insulation whilst still providing usable floor area within domestic loft and attic rooms was unachievable,” says Wayne Methven, Senior Technical Support Co-ordinator, Wolf Systems. “We hope that this customer-led software update delivers benefits that are a real advantage for Wolf customers.”


For more details about easi-joist® attic trusses or the latest version of WolfWin, please contact karl.foster@wolfsystem.co.uk or paul.flounders@wolfsystem.co.uk

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