Wolf Systems’ easi-joist® - 28% stronger than MiTek Industries Posi-Joist™

The metal-web joist patent dispute between Wolf Systems and MiTek Industries was resolved at a European Patent Hearing at The Hague in mid October.  “We are very pleased with the outcome,” says Wolf Systems Ltd managing director, David Leaney. “Having disputed some of MiTek’s evidence, the patent for our metal web system has been upheld. Our revised claim differentiated easi-joist® through its nib design – a feature that has been in existence since our original patent request in 2007. Moreover, performance data exposed as a result of the hearing clarifies the performance benefits of easi-joist®:  Our WS300 web was proven to be 25% stronger than the MiTek product and the WS250 some 28% stronger.

“Wolf Systems has a rich heritage in metal web innovation and we are immensely proud to defend and uphold our intellectual property,” he adds.


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Customers who work with Wolf Systems and choose easi-joist® - parallel chord trusses using stress-graded timber chords, plated together with Wolf Systems’ patented, precision engineered metal webs, EP 1 985 774 B1- can be confident of the strongest system available on the market. Unrivalled load bearing performance delivers minimal material usage, with fewer webs required and up to 20% less timber used. This heralds significant cost savings for Wolf customers.

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