Get up to speed with Enterprise v2.2 new features

Discover the significant performance benefits Enterprise V2.2, the latest version of Wolf Systems' business management software for the timber engineering industry, delivers.

True to its customer-led development focus, Wolf has just rolled out Enterprise v2.2, the latest version of its business management software for the timber engineering industry, offering enhanced database management and a swifter response from the software. Paul Flounders of Wolf Systems reveals the significant performance benefits Enterprise v2.2 delivers .




“As ever, all the new features are a direct response to customer requests and speeding up certain areas was common to many ‘wish lists’. After years of data entry, customer databases are only getting bigger so we addressed how the software handles data transactions and by caching data at certain transaction points, have brought about dramatic speed improvements. Tasks can be now undertaken much more quickly.

“Additionally, we have added utilities to manage the archiving of databases – a lean database will enhance the speed of software operation. Archived projects are visible on the project viewer so users can still see their complete record history and are easy to re-activate if necessary,” says Paul.

“The ability to take a job offline will be welcomed by those who work remotely,” he continues. “v2.2 lets you start a networked job in the office, take it offline, complete the design at home or at another site and also output documents for quotation without being linked to the main network server. Jobs can easily be uploaded back to the server so all data can be well organised.”

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