Ground-breaking Fusion will raise the roof

Fusion, Wolf Systems’ next-generation roof and floor design software, will set the pace as a world-class platform for the future. Systems Manager, Robert Harris gives a progress report on the development of its best-in-class technology platform.

“We gave our customers a preview of Fusion at our 25th anniversary conference last year in Austria and since then, development continues at pace.

“Using the latest software development technology we’ll be delivering a product that offers greater functionality across all areas, including parametric capabilities. It’s an ever evolving process; nothing stands still in software development and the technology upon which it is built is constantly developing too.

“As a developer, tools are available to me now that simply weren’t conceived of ten years ago – in our industry, back then, stretching buildings and then providing real time design analysis just wouldn’t have been possible. The technology available to us now ensures we can deliver ‘design intent’ for the user, in other words determine how, not only the building model, but all the associated and connected objects behave when any modification is made. Key to this is the single user interface, so whether modifications are made to a plan view or in the 3D model or even in the engineering, those changes are reflected across the whole project so that a change anywhere delivers a change everywhere.

“Fusion is the largest software development project ever undertaken by Wolf Systems and using a completely new application gives us great scope and new opportunities for functionality. Several years into development now, our UK-based team is looking at problems within roof design and conceiving innovative features offering unique solutions across everything from estimating capabilities, to roof editing tools.


Fusion Image


“Just as Fusion is a work in progress, you’ll continue to see developments across all Wolf Systems software: In this issue you can learn of the new functionality delivered in the latest version of Horizon and Enterprise; this Spring saw one of the largest feature releases we’ve issued in WolfWin and in our last e-newsletter you’ll have read about our new easi-joist® Group Design feature.  So watch this space.”

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