Changing vistas... Horizon update includes over 20 new features

See how the latest update to Wolf Systems' Horizon software addresses customer requests to speed up the designer's detailing process for factory output and construction drawings.....and much more.

Customers have seen over 20 new features delivered in the latest version of Wolf Systems’ ground-breaking Horizon software, the UK’s first timber frame tool built on Autodesk’s® Revit®.

“Customers are our main influencers development-wise and the latest update to Horizon primarily addresses their requests to speed up the designer’s detailing process for factory output and construction drawings,” explains Paul Flounders of Wolf Systems.

“Core enhancements have been made to areas for outputting construction documents with the addition of options enabling manufacturers to tailor output to suit their own requirements – including factory drawings, cutting lists and material schedules.

“Further work on output to automated machinery such as framing stations and sawing equipment has been completed and we have also introduced major enhancements to open and closed wall panel framing.


How Revit benefits

“Now the options for automation are so numerous, we have remodelled the interface to make it easier than ever to make changes. Revit’s re-scheduling tools have also been hugely beneficial:  Designers are able to schedule or quantify any object existing in the model and get instant feedback from their model’s geometry.”

According to Paul, a number of customers have taken advantage of the many building objects or families available to the Revit user community. “And where users have had specific requests for bespoke objects, such as angled door frames, column base caps and beam to column connections, we have been able to create custom Revit families to add to their models,” he adds.

Enhanced links  to Wolf’s core truss and easi-joist® software applications not only assist customers in design co-ordination, but also enable them to share native Revit files or IFC files of their designs with architects also modelling in Revit.


So what’s on the horizon?

“Horizon 2014 maintains its position as pioneering timber frame detailing software,” says Paul. “Framing for open and closed wall panels is now fully automated and floor framing, having received a lot of attention, is equally well accommodated with the ability to create floor cassette regions and produce detailed fabrication drawings.

“Horizon 2015 is already in testing and is due for release later on in the year,” he continues. “So watch this space because we have a double helping of new features lined up for users, both software enhancements and some major improvements to Revit.”




Ready for horizons new?

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