UK re-branding reinforces Group values

Small but significant changes to the visual identity of Wolf Systems in the UK will signal greater synergy with its European siblings.

Core business activities for Wolf Systems in the UK may differ from those of the other companies within the Wolf Group, but our ethos is common to all. Now Wolf UK is about to embark upon a re-branding programme, introducing a corporate I.D. that aligns Wolf UK with its European siblings.

“With shared values and stronger ties through working on an increasing number of joint projects including major software developments and nailplate improvements over recent years, we’re already a closely-knit Group,” says Sales and Marketing Director, Karl Foster. “Over the coming months we’ll be introducing greater visual synergy with other Wolf Group companies with some small, but significant changes to our UK branding.”

For starters you can see new corporate colours on the Wolf Systems UK website – - and its refreshed logo is pictured above and displayed on Wolf Systems factory buildings.





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