Let the good times Uni-Roll

Discover what makes the AV Birch Uni-Roll Joist Press a fast track solution for manufacturers needing greater capacity.

While the upturn in the construction industry is good news all round –  Wolf has seen the market for metalweb joists continue to grow - for some manufacturers, it means capacity is being stretched to its limits. Help is at hand with the AV Birch Uni-Roll Joist Press: both 450 mm and 750 mm wide options are heralded to provide ‘the quickest and simplest way of pressing metalweb joists available to UK manufacturers.’




When AV Birch’s Uni-Roll metalweb press first came to market six years ago, its revolutionary rolling press head helped it become the ‘must have’ for joist manufacturers needing faster speed of production. “Today’s model, with a press head that moves at 1m per second, and output of over 100 linear metres production per hour, equating to around 900 metres per shift for the 750 wide machine (the larger of two available table widths) really sets the pace,” says Scott Heyes, Timber Engineering Director at AV Birch.

“What’s more, with the popularity of metalwebs still growing it’s not unusual to see manufacturers needing to make joists in excess of 8 metres. We now have 8 or 12 metre lengths available and new internal clamping on the 750 mm width size - a direct result of customer feedback - pulls the timber tight against the external clamps to quickly resolve any deviation in the timber. Split external clamping is also available, enabling manufacturers to make different width joists at the same time.

“We’ve also tidied up the table of the Uni-Roll by moving all clamping mechanisms to the underside, leaving a good usable space for production and simplifying machine operation, all of which aid output speed.”


Uni -Roll 750 With Internal Clamping (11)


Max output

See a Uni-Roll running at speed to demonstrate its capacity


“Manufacturers struggling with capacity should talk to us,” says Karl Foster, Wolf Systems Sales and Marketing Director. “We can help with all aspects of ‘trading up’ your machinery to meet increasing business demands. By the same score, we’re here to help new manufacturers get started with the right equipment to enable them to be competitive,” says Karl.

For more details and advice on the Uni-Roll joist press or Wolf Systems easi-joist® system, email Karl.foster@wolfsystem.co.uk or call 02476 602303


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