Introducing your new Truss Mate!

Ever wished you had an ‘extra pair of hands’ to help with site measurements? Recently launched on the App Store and Google Play is Wolf Systems’ Truss Mate, a handy new Application for truss manufacturers and their customers. Developed for the iPhone& iPad but also compatible with Android devices, the Truss Mate App is a quick and easy angle finder – ideal for site calculations or when matching existing roofs. Simply resting the device on a rafter calculates the pitch and tapping a padlock on the screen passes the pitch to the truss calculator.


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The underside height of the truss can then be calculated and if the rafter depth is entered the overall height can be displayed. If it’s not possible to measure the pitch, it can be calculated by entering the span and overall height and rafter depth. The information is stored on the device using the camera button and a list of suppliers can be obtained with phone numbers, email and web address. If required, the list can be displayed in a map view and the search distance can be determined with a range setting.


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