30 updated features mean a ‘WolfWinning’ combination

Learn how Wolf Systems’ latest WolfWin software release includes over 30 updated features, making the engineering easier for both new and existing easi-joist® and truss users.

According to Paul Flounders, Wolf Systems Customer Support Manager, the recently released WolfWin v5.44 will appeal to easi-joist® and truss customers, both new and longstanding, for its enhanced functionality.


“As demand for easi-joist® continues to grow, we’ve structured this update to focus on users’ needs,” Paul explains. “Wolf customers are always drivers for our software development and we actively take on board their views and suggestions for features they’d like to see included.

“Whilst many of the updates to WolfWin v5.44 are easi-joist® orientated, there have been significant strides made in updating our WolfWin truss program too. In fact nine of the enhancements in this release relate directly to plans functionality.

“New dimensioning tools will speed up the detailing of a drawing for many users, while the new-found ability to quickly and easily edit special truss designs will really help our customers to be more productive,” he adds.


Key note updates in WolfWin v5.44 include the ability to:

  • Ungroup a joist design from a design group – increases flexibility of joist design and cost savings.
  • Align webs within a number of different joist designs – helping with the running of services though floors even with different joist types.
  • Automatically add hoist loads to easi-joist designs – especially timesaving for the design of “lifetime homes”.
  • Add newel post support within plans, making complicated easi-joist® floors easier and quicker to input.
  • Add region load to a roof layouts – particularly useful when designing roofs with solar & P.V. panels.

Easi -joist -software -2

Easi -joist -software

NEW features include:

  • New dimension feature, allowing all items within a range to be dimensioned automatically. This makes for more detailed drawings, better presentation and significant time savings.
  • New display level settings again to enhance detail and presentation of drawings.
  • New hangers, screws and clips added to the metalwork and fixings inventory to reflect recent manufacturers’ changes.
  • New features added for editing special truss input.

Software -2


Fusion, Wolf’s ground-breaking next-generation software may well be in the pipeline, yet customers can rest assured that Wolf’s existing software portfolio will continue to move forwards. “This is really important to us,” says Paul, “after all, our customers never stop, so why should we?

“As we’ve begun rolling out WolfWin v5.44, one thing’s become very apparent: our customers are busier than ever. The need for tools and functions that will help save time and boost productivity is common to many  - and we’re sure that v5.44 will go a long way in helping to achieve this.”


Make the engineering easier

For full details, download the WolfWin v5.44 Technical Update now

Alternatively, please contact paul.flounders@wolfsystem.co.uk or any member of the Customer Support team to find out more.