Enterprise v2.3 - four core new features mean greater ease and speed

The latest update to Wolf Systems’ Enterprise design and business management software includes four major new developments enabling greater user customisation, easier documentation, reduced administration and more flexibility when it comes to quoting. Sales and Marketing Director, Karl Foster details the benefits that Enterprise v2.3 offers.

 “This release is, akin to all Wolf Systems software development, a direct response to customer feedback. Enterprise v2.3 includes over 12 updated features, four of which are significant new developments,” says Karl.


‘Homing in’ on the user experience

“Tapping into the trend for customisation, an updated home screen allows users to adapt their home screen panel, and display only information that’s relevant to them. There are eleven new ‘widgets’ to select from – features such as performance graphs, day schedules, task lists, quote lists, enquiries to follow up – so pertinent information is visible and stays front of mind. It’s also possible to display information such as most recent customers, latest projects or recent sites that have been worked upon – the data you need is at your fingertips.”

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 Real-time visibility streamlines and saves time

“A new ‘single click printing’ feature allows users to create and customise documents from Enterprise in just one area. We’ve always enabled users to add customised notes and variable clauses to documents such as quotations or order acknowledgements, but these typically would need to be added in advance of the document being previewed. Now creating the document is a one-step process, using a single preview window. Changes to documents are visible in ‘real time’ for checking before printing. Overall, the process is now far more intuitive and quicker.”


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Batch print feature reduces the admin’ burden

“Documentation has been a key focus in this update and we’ve completely rewritten Enterprise’s batch print feature. Rather than drawing information from different areas of the software, for example Engineering or Management sections, users now only have to access one area to print documentation from wherever it’s sourced. Furthermore, information can be collated in the order required within a PDF document or actually on the printer itself. Again, this reduces administration time, particularly on larger schemes with numerous profiles.

“PDFs created will now be stored with the individual design, so unless there are any design changes, printing, for instance a truss or  easi-joist plot, requires no re-run of the engineering program – more time saved.”


 Quote to Order Flexibility

“Enterprise v2.3 also now allows users to edit or completely change an ordered quote.  Rather than going to the trouble of unallocating ordered items or creating a new quote, modifications can be made to suit, again, saving time and enhancing the ‘housekeeping’ of a project.”


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 Have your say

“Management software may not grab many headlines these days, but it’s clearly very important for our customers. They are increasingly upgrading to Enterprise or drawing on more of its functionality to monitor and run their businesses,” Karl continues. “We’re always open to ideas and will be asking our customers to get involved in its development at our Customer Conference this Autumn.”

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To find out more about Enterprise v2.3, please contact karl.foster@wolfsystem.co.uk or download the Enterprise v2.3 Technical Update now.