Company - Our Ethos

Putting you at your ease...

"reliable, helpful, there when you need them, products that
are easy to use - these are just some of the reasons I chose
to put Wolf Systems at the heart of our business"


Chris Tansey - Manderwood Timber Engineering

Customer ease is core to our ethos and defines how Wolf Systems works.

From easy to navigate, integrated software designed specifically for UK and Irish users, to accessing technical expertise and support should help be required, we do all that we can to build excellent relationships and ensure positive customer experiences.

It’s easy to build a rapport with Wolf, thanks to:

  • Products and services tailored to make life easier at all levels throughout your business - from designing roof trusses to running off invoices or keeping your team up to date with ongoing training.
  • Our friendly and approachable team of specialists, offering the right information and pragmatic advice whenever you need it.
  • How proactive we are when it comes to really caring for our customers - we like to keep in touch and visit you regularly to ensure you are highly satisfied with our products and services.
  • The emphasis we put upon building equitable relationships - we strive for open communications and fairness is always our guiding principle.