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Handling Equipment

The Wolf Systems machinery range includes the following Handling Equipment:

AV Birch Standard Truss Trolley

  • For safe stacking and moving of trusses
  • Supplied with ratchet straps for safety

AV Birch Truss Trolley with Platform

  • Integral platform to allow safe banding of trusses
  • Optional higher ceiling tie supports for Raised Tie Trusses

AV Birch Steerable Trolley

  • Heavy Duty Truss Trolley for moving and storing trusses using a fork lift or side loader to pull the trolley
  • 3m x 1m, dependant on requirements

AV Birch Component trolley

  • For storage and moving of cross cut timbers from saws to assembly areas
  • Sizes vary from 1500 x 800 to 3m x 1m, dependent on requirements

AV Birch Truss Stacker

  • No manual lifting required
  • More production with minimum operator assistance
  • Automatically stacks trusses to the vertical position ready for forklift removal

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