Services - Design Services

Complex engineered timber
designs, rapidly turned around...

"It’s not often we have a design challenge that
stumps us. But we do know that if anyone can solve it,
the design team at Wolf Systems can."

Sometimes it’s easier to enlist the help of Wolf Systems’ professional design team – especially when time is of the essence, accuracy is imperative and a design is particularly challenging.

Our design services are available to Wolf Systems manufacturers for roof truss and easi-joist projects, where our expert team will develop well engineered solutions for designs, no matter how complex.

We can provide designs in a variety of hard copy or electronic formats to suit, and as part of our ‘complete’ service approach, returned details are ready for client sign-off.

Remedial Work is Always Prioritised

Remedial work is always prioritised because we understand that problems must be resolved as quickly as possible. Our design team will work rapidly and do its utmost to find a viable solution that minimises expensive downtime and gets you and your client back on schedule.