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Truss Training

Get up and running quickly before progressing to advanced truss engineering concepts.
A free structured training programme to all Wolf Systems customers.

Course Name Duration Content Summary Required Experience
Level 1 -
Truss, plans & Quote
3 days
  • Introduction to trusses, roof shapes and framing
  • Basic use of truss and plans software
  • Designing only simple roof shapes such as gables and hips
  • Producing basic quotations
  • Assessment Test
Level 2 -
Roofscape & Metalwork
2 days
  • Understanding Auto and Manual roofscape options
  • Setting up metalwork files in userdata
  • Adding metalwork to plans
  • Assessment Test
3 months
Level 3 -
Truss, Plans & Quote
2 days
  • Understanding userdata options
  • Understanding framing files
  • Manual framing and truss editing
  • Bracing options
  • Advanced quotation options
  • Assessment test
3 months
Level 4 -
Manual loading &
Special trusses
2 days
  • Understanding where loads come from
  • Understanding how software uses loads
  • Manually loading std trusses and girders
  • Creating semi std and special trusses
  • Assessment test
9 months
Level 5 -
Roofscape and Framing
Bracing options
2 days
  • Advanced level roofscape options and exercises
  • Advanced level framing options – typically attic and raised tie framing
  • Attic and Raised Tie bracing details
9 months
Level 6 -
Wind and snow loading
2 days
  • Understanding wind loads
  • Applying wind loads to trusses
  • Understanding snow loads
  • Applying basic and drift snow loads to trusses
12 months