Horizon Timber Frame Software

BIM for timber frame designers


  • Built on Autodesk® Revit®
  • Powerful features for timber frame building design
  • Collaborate with architects, engineers
       and specialist roof and floor designers
Be part of the collaborative BIM environment

Horizon transforms the traditional approach to timber frame design. It’s the UK’s first timber frame tool built on Autodesk’s® Revit®, enabling specialist timber roof and floor designers to be an integral part of a collaborative BIM environment.

Revit® models created by all design disciplines are combined into a single, integrated model used to create every 2D view, 3D view, visualisation, schedule and GA drawing.

This means all AEC (Architectural, Engineering and Construction) disciplines can work together, building an accurate digital representation of the real-world structure – one that contains the most up-to-date building design information.


Making it easier for you to compete

Working in a collaborative BIM environment means better communication and workflow between disciplines. This leads to improved designs, fewer errors, more efficient working and the elimination of waste.

By 2016 all public sector projects, £5m and above, will have to be taken within a collaborative BIM environment. Horizon gives timber frame designers that environment right now.


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