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From one single
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with the UK’s first timber frame
tool built on Autodesk’s® Revit®

1. Design  2. Visualise  3. Document

The information-rich 3D building model created in a BIM environment provides insightful design information that aids the design process and supports better decision making and planning throughout the project. As a result, you can identify problems early on in the design phase when the impact on cost and time are much lower.

The single 3D model remains at the centre of workflow, so activities that require close collaboration between the different stakeholders are handled much more competently, including clash detection, construction planning, fabrication and all aspects of documentation.

Impressive building design visualisations made quickly and easily with Revit’s® 3D rendering engine are useful in many ways - from obtaining a better understanding of the intricacies of the design and documenting construction details, through to delivering compelling sales propositions to your customer.


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Powerful features for timber frame designers

Horizon software draws on Wolf Systems’ expertise in timber frame design and engineering. It is the result of years of research and development incorporating feedback from applied use on real projects.

To help you design faster and better, intelligent 3D objects representing physical building details such as wall panels, doors, floors and roof trusses can be manipulated and specified to represent just about every realworld timber framing application and construction method.

Singularly inclusive

Working from a single integrated model, design revisions and changes are automatically updated throughout the entire model, so any amendment need only be made once. This reduces errors, improves accuracy and streamlines workflow – not just for the person making the change but for everybody working from the model.

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