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Truss Mate from Wolf Systems is a handy new tool for truss manufacturers and their customers: a free App that makes light work of pitch calculations.

Developed for Android and iOS, Truss Mate is a quick and easy angle finder – ideal for site measures or when matching existing roofs.


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Detecting the rafter angle can be done by resting the device on the rafter or by using the camera as shown.

Tapping the padlock locks the detected pitch which is then passed to the truss calculator.

Height Calculation:

The truss calculator will give the underside height of the rafter when the span is entered. If a rafter depth is entered then the overall height will also be shown. The rafter depth should be measured from the top of the rafter to the tip of the wallplate as shown. The wallplate sometimes cuts into the rafter meaning that the rafter is actually bigger than the depth used. The span is measured horizontally from the wallplate to the rafter apex.

Pitch Calculation:

Reset the dimensions and unlock the angle detection. The pitch can be calculated in two ways.

  • Enter the span and underside height.
  • Enter the span rafter size and overall height.

The camera button will store a picture of the screen to record the details.


A list of truss manufacturers which expands to show phone numbers, email, distance and web addresses. This can be switched to a convenient map view.