From the manufacture and supply of nailplates, metal webs and software for the design of roof trusses, metal web joists and timber frame wall panels, right through to our bespoke design services, training and outstanding customer support, we have everything you need for easier engineering.

Our software is intuitive to use and our products engineered for outstanding performance and flexibility – making it easier to solve those difficult design problems and lower costs. You’ll also find Wolf a very easy and straightforward company to do business with: one that’s driven by your needs, receptive to your ideas; proactive about support and entirely fair when it comes to both project timescales and pricing.


Our History

We’re part of the Wolf Group – a family run business with over 45 years’ experience in timber engineering and employing some 3000 staff across 21 European countries.

From our beginning in 1966 we have always been an unashamedly engineering centric business – but one that puts its customers first. Our UK operation, established in 1988, serves the UK & Irish markets and is head of software and product development for the company’s timber engineering business. Today we have a network of trussed rafter manufacturers across the UK and Ireland and are justifiably proud of our reputation for making timber engineering as easy as possible for them.

The international size and scale of our business enables us to invest substantially in on-going product and software development, resulting in technically advanced software, innovative products and a level of customer service recognised for excellence.

Our customers know that by choosing to partner with Wolf Systems their business is well supported, with
the resources only a large and customer focused company can supply.


Our Ethos

Customer ease is core to our ethos and defines how Wolf Systems works.

From easy to navigate, integrated software designed specifically for UK and Irish users, to accessing technical expertise and support should help be required, we do all that we can to build excellent relationships and ensure positive customer experiences.

It’s easy to build a rapport with Wolf, thanks to:

  • Products and services tailored to make life easier at all levels throughout your business - from designing roof trusses to running off invoices or keeping your team up to date with ongoing training.
  • Our friendly and approachable team of specialists, offering the right information and pragmatic advice whenever you need it.
  • How proactive we are when it comes to really caring for our customers - we like to keep in touch and visit you regularly to ensure you are highly satisfied with our products and services.
  • The emphasis we put upon building equitable relationships - we strive for open communications and fairness is always our guiding principle.