Take advantage of the fastest growing sector of engineered timber products using the best performing metal web on the market today – easi-joist®.

There are two levels of easi-joist® course both of which last two days.

The introductory level 1 course is open to both new easi-joist® designers or experienced truss designers looking to develop their skills in metal web floor design.

The level 2 course is intended to be of benefit to experienced easi-joist® designers looking to optimise design results and use easi-joist® in applications other than floors.

Course Name
Content Summary
Required Experience
Level 1 - Introductory
2 days
  • Advantages of easi-joist®
  • Definitions and glossary
  • Joist depths and supports inc metalwork
  • Technical requirements for sound and fire
  • Product approvals
  • Loadings including special loads, partition loads, stair load
  • Single joist input and design
  • Floor layout plan input and design
  • Userdata settings for easi-joist® design
  • Assessment test
Level 2 - Intermediate
2 days
  • Review of level 1 course
  • easi-joist® cassette input
  • Complex floor design – multi storey with associated stair loading 
  • Newel post stair loading
  • Terrace and balcony floor load transfers
  • Cantilevered floor areas
  • Non standard loading conditions
  • Creation of custom load sets
  • Hoist loads
  • Optimising joist designs
  • Easi-joist® rafter & roof input
  • Eaves conditions and overhang details
  • Adding openings to easi-joist® roofs
  • Manual plating of easi-joists®
  • Assessment test

Completion of Level 1

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