easi-joist® is an open web floor system that utilises Wolf Systems’ patented, stronger metal webs, EP 1 985 774 A1. Thanks to greater metal web strength, easi-joists® use less timber and fewer metal webs, providing significant cost savings.

And because easi-joist® software utilises a stronger metal web, you can also design joists for larger clear spans.

easi-joist® software provides integrated layout, group and individual joist design, group and individual joist validation, automatic metalwork integration plus take-off and costing for the complete floor system.

easi-joist® Software offers the following features:

Joist Design

  • Simple step through design wizard
  • Easily change end support details for timber frame or masonry
  • Quickly check most economical design depth
  • Visual design validation check
  • Comprehensive tools for optimum joist design
Joist Design
Joist Design



Joist Layout

  • Plan design links seamlessly to joist engineering
  • Design changes automatically updated
  • Auto frame around floor opening
  • Joist design automatically picks up Strongback locations from plan
  • Stair loads automatically calculated and applied to joist design
Joist Layout
Joist Layout




  • Automated metalwork take-off
  • Joist hanger products from all major metalwork suppliers
  • Customised user stock inventory lists
  • Add detail images for easy product location on plan
  • Add automated legends to plan drawings



Output Information

  • Create highly detailed joist layouts
  • Quantify additional floor materials such as decking, tape and glue
  • Output detailed factory cutting lists and assembly drawings
  • Link to job optimisation software
Output Information
Output Information



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