Environmental impact

  • Undertake all activities with the intention of reducing the company's environmental impact as far as possible.
  • Conserve energy in our office and manufacturing units.
  • Save water in all our operations, through installation of water-saving devices and other measures, where applicable.
  • Endeavour to minimise waste in all our operations, by prevention of unnecessary packaging, reuse of materials and recycling.
  • Minimise the impact of transport and travel through logistics and using shared transport.
  • Assess and monitor the environmental impact of suppliers and contractors, using this as a part of the selection process.

Environmental policy

  • Ensure that all employees are kept informed of the company's environmental policy and of the environmental implications of their actions within the workplace.
  • Wolf Systems will review its environmental performance and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations annually and will set environmental targets and goals for the coming year.

Product sustainability

  • Carefully consider the environmental impacts of its product range at all stages of its lifecycle from manufacture to disposal.

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