Who better to train your team to quickly get to grips with and get the very best from your Wolf system, than the people who pioneered it?

Using our software to its full potential will save you time, enhance your efficiency and ultimately save you money, which is why we have developed a comprehensive range of training courses. For people new to timber engineering, or to Wolf Systems software, as well as for experienced designers ready for more advanced training.

The courses are delivered by ‘power users’ with a unique understanding that comes only from hands-on involvement in designing the software - no one is better qualified. They range from one to three days depending on level and can take place either at Wolf Systems or at your premises and can also be custom designed to suit your specific training requirements.

We have dedicated training rooms at Wolf Systems in Coventry for all of our training courses and we regularly organise structured training at least once each month. Although always flexible in our approach to a customer’s training requirements, we recognise the benefit of training in an environment free of day to day distractions.